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Alarm Monitoring

Local is Better!

Unlike other alarm monitoring services, we do not outsource this service to a national firm. Over the decades we have established strong relationships with your local police and fire departments, as well contractors such as property maintenance and security firms. We are always aware of local weather conditions, power outages, cellular coverage issues and geography. All of this local knowledge means that when a response is needed, then the likelihood of a successful outcome is greatly enhanced.

Our alarm receivers are UL listed redundant systems complete with battery and natural gas generator power back up. These units are capable of receiving all digital, internet and cellular signals.That means Our state-of-the-art Central Alarm Monitoring Station is professionally staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Direct to Your Smartphone

Our exclusive Total Connect system from Honeywell allows you to receive alerts, arm or disarm alarms, receive notifications and reportson your smart phone. You’ll even be able to view security camera videos or answer your doordirectly from your phone. Total Connect even works with your Apple Watch,® Alexa and Apple TV.

Full Service Monitoring

We monitor all types of alarms from any manufacturer, located anywhere in the United States. Here are just a few of the most common types:

Fire and Security Alarms - we identify the specific alarm activated, such as smoke detector, motion sensor, window/door opening and relay detailed information to the appropriate contacts, such as police or fire departments.

Temperature Alarms - we remotely monitor temperature increases, decreases or fluctuation.

Medical Alarms/Assistance Alarms - for response or for simply logging calls.

Emergency Call Systems/Panic Alarms - to notify Central Station of emergency situations requiring immediate response.

Openings and Closings - monitoring when a system is turned on or off and by whom.

Power Outages

Elevator Call Boxes

Virtually Any Thing that Needs to be Monitored!


We can send you a daily, weekly or monthly report by fax, email, or regular mail of all of your alarm activity. This is a great method to review and document your security. You'll be able to see who entered and exited your premises and when. You'll also be able to ensure caretakers and security actually do enter your premise.

Comprehensive status reports of your system are available daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed.


If you need alarm service or installation, our sister company, Lee Audio 'N Security, Inc., is a UL listed alarm company for both fire and burglary. They are major distributors of NOTIFIER by Honeywell Fire Alarms and Security Alarms, and CCTV, CLOCK and ACCESS CONTROL Systems. They offer 24-hour service on all systems.

Licenses: MA 1468C and NY 12000022800 - UL Listed

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