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Personal Emergency Response System

CaretakerSentry with Options

Of the 35 million Americans over 65, about 1 in 3 will fall in a given year. Seniors are hospitalized for fall-related injuries five times more often than than they are for other injuries. Half of the people who fall require assistance from someone else to get up.

More and more seniors, people living alone, and people with health concerns are looking for solutions to help manage their life and personal safety. They want to not only maintain independent lives in their own homes, but also to provide peace of mind to family members who want to know that their loved ones are not alone. Berkshire Communicators' Mass Health approved Companion Program meets this need. Our Companion Program, which uses LogicMark's CaretakerSentry® technology, provides affordable and simple-to-use emergency response. Family contacts and health care providers are a mere button click away. The click of a button activates a signal which is processed locally by our central alarm monitoring station.

Pendants communicate with the base station every 13 hours to ensure proper connection. Our Central Alarm Monitoring Station is contacted in the event of a power outage, low battery, or loss of signal. The units have rechargeable battery backup. The Central Station has uninterruptible backup power systems including battery and a natural gas generator.

With an easy to use console and wearable remote transmitters, the Companion Program covers the user virtually everywhere in the home.

Available Options Include:

  • With our Concierge Service our operator calls the client up to multiple times a day to ensure that everything is okay and if anything is needed.
  • RJ31X Jack installation: This places the console directly on the point of embarkation of the telephone line ahead of all other extensions and ensures the call goes thru if an extension is “off hook”.