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Fuel Delivery & Service

Competition is heating up! So, you’ll never want to miss an opportunity! Whether it’s a spot delivery, a homeowner that is looking for a new heating oil or propane supplier, or an existing customer in need of boiler service, we can make sure you never miss a chance to make a sale, get a new customer or provide excellent customer service. Our friendly and responsive professional operators will represent your business in the way you would do it yourself.

Grow Your Business

With Berkshire Communicators and Hudson Valley Message Bureau, your customers and prospects will be impressed by the professionalism and responsiveness of your business. Happy customers mean you’ll build a great word-of-mouth reputation. You’ll retain customers as well… you probably know that an easy way to lose a long-term customer is to not get back to them when their tank is empty or their boiler won’t run, just because you missed their call!

Custom Scripting

We closely follow and strictly adhere to your rules and protocols to determine which calls are emergencies and which can wait for a conveniently timed response, so you'll have no false alarms. Our call screening will help you and your staff to more effectively manage your time.

Options, Options, Options!

You You can “turn on” or "turn off" our service instantaneously as needed. You will be able to change your greeting whenever you desire. Your messages can be forwarded to you via, email, text, fax or our new secure Web Portal that can be accessed through your desktop, tablet or smart phone.

  • Vehicle Dispatch
  • Schedule and Verify Deliveries and Service Appointments
  • Emergency Response
  • All Calls Logged and Backed Up
  • Hablamos Español
  • Ask about our Alarm Monitoring