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Small Business

If you’re like most small businesses you probably don’t want to stay small forever! The best way to grow is by never letting an opportunity slip by. Sure, you have a web site, a smart phone, email and voicemail but none of those things can compare to a friendly and helpful human being picking up the phone when your customers call.

Create a Great Impression

Our professional operators will answer your calls exactly to your specification whenever you can’t pick up. Your customers will think you’re open 24/7/365. When they call after hours and have their message or emergency handled promptly and accurately, your reputation for excellent customer service will be enhanced. You can support your brand with special greeting messages that you can change as often as you like.


Even during your normal business hours, you can rely on us to handle your calls when you and your employees can’t answer the phone. This allows you to take care of the task at hand without interruption. And we do it at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff.

Options, Options, Options!

You can “turn on” or "turn off" our service instantaneously as needed. You will be able to change your greeting whenever you desire. Your messages can be forwarded to you via, email, text, fax or our new secure Web Portal that can be accessed through your desktop, tablet or smart phone.

  • Schedule and Verify Appointments.
  • Call Screening
  • Personalized Greetings
  • All Calls Logged and Backed Up
  • Respond to Verified Emergencies
  • Hablamos Español
  • Ask About our Alarm Monitoring

MattSauer"Berkshire Communicators has been an integral part of our team since our very first publication. As a small business, we were looking for a way to prevent calls from going to voicemail or having to use a low-quality source. Berkshire Communicators delivers a personal, local service that perfectly adapts to our needs as we grow. Professional, experienced staff are available to promptly answer calls after-hours, on weekends and during periods of high volume, providing our subscribers with a customer service experience that cannot be automated. Operators immediately relay messages when they are unable to answer customers’ questions, which allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to each member. Our partnership with Berkshire Communicators is of the utmost importance to the Mutual Fund Investor Guide and all of our subscribers."

- Matthew D. Sauer, Esq., Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Mutual Fund Investor Guide