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Client Login

Now you can enjoy the freedom of our secure Web Portal. You'll no longer have to wait for fax, email or phone call. And you'll have an easy place to review and manage all your messages.

New Users should call our Customer Service Department at 800-367-7243 to obtain a username and login.
Existing Users should click the link below and enter their Username and Password. These are case sensitive.

bc portal

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Helpful Hints

  • Your messages are color coded as follows:
    Dark Blue - These are messages that have already been paged, faxed, emailed, or checked in on.
    Teal - These are messages that have been paged, or given and are waiting to go on scheduled fax or email times.
    Yellow - These are priority messages. They are calls that the operator is in the process of dispatching per your instructions.
    White - These messages are waiting to be relayed to the office upon opening, faxing, or emailing at the appropriate times, or holding for client check-in.
  • To view a message, click on the Sunglasses icon to the right of each message to display the message and and message history.
  • To print the message, simply click on the Printer icon to the right of the message.
  • To send an alert to the operators, notifying them of a change, or any type of information, click on the Alert tab at the top of the page. A box will appear and you can then type your message to the dispatcher at the service. Click save to send.

If you are experiencing any technical problems or require further help please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-367-7243.