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Other Services 

Disaster Preparedness

Critical institutions, services and companies with Disaster Plans will be interested in a remote back-up service to handle incoming calls in the event that the local line and cell services have been impacted by a disaster. Berkshire Communicators can support your organization by providing this service. Please call 800-367-7243 to discuss this important service.


Pagers may seem like a thing of the past, but for some they offer advantages over cell phones. For example, employees cannot make personal calls at your expense. Berkshire Communicators offers local, regional, and nationwide paging coverage.

Coverage options include:

  • Local and toll-free numbers to access your pager.
  • Digital pagers that display the number to be called.
  • Alphanumeric pagers that deliver an alpha-numeric message.
  • Group Call to call multiple pagers simultaneously.
  • Pager Voice Mail where caller can leave a message.
  • Custom greetings to callers.
  • Cascade Paging if the first pager does not answer in a specified time, it automatically pages the next pager in line.

Services for a wide range of professions and industries including:

  • Medical
  • Emergency Services
  • Service Technicians

Voice Mail

Berkshire Communicators and Hudson Valley Message provide an affordable and sophisticated voice mail system. Advanced features include the ability to easily record or modify your greeting at any time, retrieve, edit, save, or deliver messages and be notified by page or email when a message is waiting. Our state-of-the-art system offers:

  • Live Operator Option – Callers can opt to leave a voice mail message or they can press O and be connected to a live Berkshire Communicators operator.
  • Message Retrieval – Any time, anywhere toll-free message retrieval.
  • Automatic Notification – Automatically notifies you when you have a message waiting by page or email.
  • Emergency Coverage – 24/7 coverage without staying by the phone.
  • Cascade Paging – If the first page is not answered within a certain time period, it automatically pages the next pager on call.
  • Multiple Pages: Pages multiple pagers at a time to alert teams of call.

Companion - Personal Emergency Response System

More and more seniors, people living alone, and people with health concerns are looking for solutions to help manage their life and personal safety. They want to not only maintain independent lives in their own homes, but also to provide peace of mind to family members who want to know that their loved ones are not alone. Berkshire Communicators' Mass Health approved Companion Program meets this need.

The Companion Program, which uses Visonic's Amber®Select-X combines comprehensive lifestyle management and advanced safety management. Home safety and intrusion alarms are paired with a full-featured activity support system that puts emergency response, family contacts and health care providers a mere button click away. The click of a button activates a signal which is processed locally by our central alarm monitoring station.

With an easy to use console and wearable remote transmitters, the Companion Program covers the user virtually everywhere in the home.

The Companion Program can provide alerts and notifications for:

  • Falls
  • Inactivity monitor
  • Medication reminder
  • Smoke
  • Floods
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Intrusions

Elevator Emergency Call Box Response

Somebody has to do it! In fact in most states, it's the law. We can offer a low cost service to cover this whether you have one elevator or dozens!