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Telephone Answering Services 

The telephone remains the lifeline between you and your customers. The best way to ensure a positive impression is a courteous greeting by live person ready to help your customer any time of any day.

Our trained, professional in-house staff of operators have always been the heart of our service. Now, with our major new system upgrade, our people has the very latest in technology to help you keep your customers happy. In terms of your customers' satisfaction, live telephone answering beats voicemail hands down. And you and your staff will appreciate the Freedom to manage their time without being tied to the phone.

Whenever you need them, our award-winning staff will answer your calls exactly as you've instructed them. We can patch call directly to you, or relay clear, accurate and informative messages to you via email, text, fax or our new secure Web Portal which you can access through your desktop,tablet or smart phone.

  • Reception Service
  • Call Screening
  • Appointment Scheduling and Verification
  • Order Taking
  • Answer Sales Call from Direct Response Marketing
  • Vehicle Dispatch
  • Emergency Response
  • Secure Messaging Available
  • Bilingual Answering
  • And Much More